1999   Established the chopsticks factory in Lvshun Area, was named as Taiheng  Wooden Products Co., Ltd.

2000   Paper cup factory was established, and Taiheng Wooden Products Co., Ltd. was changed into Dalian Noble Forest Woodarts Co., Ltd.

2002   Started to exported chopsticks and paper cups to Japan Market.

2006   Established export and import trade company.

2008   Established advanced face mask workshop, came into the face mask field.

2011   Chopsticks semi-products company was established in Heilongjiang Porvince.

2012-2015   Established and purchased new factories, expand manufacturing capacity

2015-Now   Invest in renewing workshops, machines, and staff. Continue to maintain the leading position in the industry.


Add: 7 Chuangye Str., Beihai Town , Lvshunkou Dist.,
Dalian, China 116048

Tel: +86 186 2438 4931

E-mail: chase@dlnobleforest.com